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Property Management Services Provided for Owners

  • Manage Property for owner so owner does not need to have contact with tenants nor be on-site
  • Market Analysis of home to insure proper and competitive rental rates
  • Negotiate leases and prepare all lease documentation and paperwork
  • Collection of Monthly rent payments
  • Collection of Security Deposits before lease begins and maintaining security deposits in Broker’s Trust Account
  • Serve 3-day notices to pay rent or quit when rent not paid on time and follow-up
  • Full Screening of tenants including full credit reports
  • Monthly and year-end Statements to owners
  • Sending monthly rent to owners, after management fees and other bills or assessments have been paid
  • Scheduling and overseeing of maintenance and repairs
  • Make payments of all maintenance bills, HOA dues, if requested, and other monthly assessments (Homeowner must make mortgage payments, Property Tax payments, and homeowner insurance payments)
  • Marketing of home through the Multiple Listing Service, Craig’s List and multiple other on-line Real Estate publications, and signage
  • Annually assessing renewal of leases and negotiating rent or term changes when appropriate
  • Preparing home for new tenants between tenants
  • Representation of owner to the Home Owner Association and attendance at HOA meetings or hearings if necessary

Call to discuss our competitive fees

Lease Listing Only:
  We can also lease your property only, with no management of the property. We will market the property, screen tenants and prepare the lease documents.  The property would be turned over to the owner for management once tenants are in place.
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