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At Firenze Real Estate Group and Firenze Property Management, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback and satisfaction our clients have expressed in the past. If we’ve assisted you with real estate services, we would love to hear what you have to say! We believe our clients’ comments are a testament to the quality and excellency of service we have to offer.

Please take a moment to fill out a testimonial for Firenze Real Estate Group or Firenze Property Management with information on how we helped you and how we met or exceeded your expectations. If you have any questions regarding our services or company, please Contact Us and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


“We Listed our home for sale with Steve. It was a pleasure working through the process and Steve was the only Real Estate agent that I interviewed that explained in detail what Sellers need to know (not just market value) but how important it was to be well protected and buyer and seller rights and what to expect with all strategies that could be possible and how to avoid the most costly issues that might arise. We would list again with Steve for all future sales and refer him to all our friends.”
J. Cohen

"Steve has been an invaluable source of very detailed information with a great deal of very accurate up to date real estate processes. This is an entirely different real estate market than I've previously experienced. We are having Steve list our home for sale because of his expertise and strong background with regard to legal considerations. He has more knowledge than any attorney I know and we feel very well covered and we have a secure position knowing we are well represented. We have no doubt that our interests and the interests of our buyer will have a seamless transition which in this day and age is ultimately most high on the Realtor requirements list when searching for the right agent. We found the right agent! We are very satisfied Sellers and we will be employing Steve's services on our new home purchase as well."
John E
Newport Beach

“With inventory low we can still find a home we like and Steve has been there for us throughout our process with some excellent results.”
C Tran

“We are a growing household and needed a change. We had another Realtor that did not seem to want to be bothered with our situation. Steve has shown that it is not just another deal but a real relationship.”
P Singh

“During this tough buyer’s market Steve was always positive and continued to work countless hours trying to find the right home for us. He was always patient and knew he could find us the right home. Steve thinks out of the box on how to get your offer accepted. I would definitely recommend Steve for your home purchase or sale.
Rich R

“Steve is very dependable and seems to know all of Orange County very well. We are quite impressed with the experience he has and the willingness to go the extra mile in our search.”
Vivi Ging

“Steve Listed our home for sale, it was SOLD in 4 Days! Steve had a Marketing Plan and a way to get the attention of every Buyer out there all across the world. Steve suggested a very realistic market value which was as it should be. I wanted to be fair and the home was priced right. My home sold over List Price! Both the Buyer and I the Seller were very satisfied with the negotiations. Once in Escrow I was traveling around the world for my job and Steve took care of every detail without me having to worry about a thing. It was a very smooth Escrow and we closed the sale without a single issue. I will always recommend Steve to anyone, period.”

“I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants an agent that will protect your interests with the utmost care. Our Lending situation was challenging to say the least and Steve made sure that Lender stayed on target. We are very happy with our new home and we will use Steve's services in the future.”
Jo Cole

“Steve has been doing excellent from beginning of finding my house to closing Escrow and ongoing after that, I am totally satisfied.”
Sang Choi

“After reading a few Ratings and Reviews I thought too good to be true. I picked Steve out of a lineup of Realtors did not know what I was going to get however my review is the real thing. Steve really does protect your interests and wants to build a relationship of lasting value. Steve did a great job of wading through the muddy waters and making things crystal clear. We came out in really good shape. Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to doing future business together.”
R. Cranston

“Thanks to Steve’s ethical standing, sound judgment and conduct we were able to stay out of a legal situation that would most likely have ended in a very costly and detrimental outcome. I have an attorney in the family who mentioned that Steve was the closest we would get to real legal expertise even though we no Steve said that he is not allowed to practice law under a Real Estate License. We think Steve would be a great attorney. Steve is extremely knowledgeable in Real Estate Legal Considerations and is to be commended. We have and will continue to recommend Steve for our and our friends and families real estate needs. Great job in navigating our transaction and staying on top of the process.”
Nancy Mann Buyer

“Steve handled the Listing and Sale of our home with the utmost in professionalism and care. Steve is the most organized and truly thorough of people let alone Realtor we know! We have great admiration and respect for his ability to work well with all other people/entities involved in a Listing and Sale transaction. We say these things about Steve not because we are friends or family members because we only met Steve from a referral to List my home for sale and did not know of him until the Listing of our home. I know whether you have a sale or are going to buy a home he is the right person to turn to. Steve’s interaction with the Buyer’s Agent brought to light his ability to indirectly work through the Buyers issues and bring a great amount of tension relief for all. We highly recommend Steve to all who are interested in the best.”
JR Tas
"Absolutely Satisfied Seller"
Dana Point

“Well, we are busy moving in to our new home and wanted to take a break and write this note to you Steve. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with you. From the time we started looking at homes to completing Escrow you have been the most important part of our transaction. We have already received complements on our home and we know you are working with a referral we sent you who is enjoying the same service. Even our Loan Officer said that you were one of the most organized and professional agents out there and kept the process running smooth by staying on top on things.Thanks for everything.”
Jeff L

“Thanks Steve, I received more important buyer info from you in one day than from two Realtors I'd previously worked with for quite a while.”

"Well, we closed escrow on our beautiful new home in beautiful Woodbury, Irvine. We could not be happier. Steve, Thank you so much for your patience and we really appreciate all the hard work that you put in to get our home to be, just that, "our home". Lots of complicated maneuvering that seemed effortless to us because we couldn't see all the behind the scenes involvement that you had to contend with. You just got it completed and in our best interest! And even though we did not want to hear any discouraging issues that may have risen you prepared us for the best and worst case without glossing over anything so we truly appreciate that as well. Thanks for everything."
Maj Mhro

“We want to give Steve and all of his potential clients an appreciable rating and review of Steve’s services. We’ve heard some disappointing stories about Real Estate Agents. But then again we have also heard disappointing stories as you might expect, the good, bad and the ugly of ALL professionals in ALL professions. Steve is not perfect nor is anyone else on the planet. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to choose and work with Steve in our Real Estate investments. Steve’s livelihood is Real Estate helping people buy and sell their properties. He’s put in the time to become very knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate. I don’t have the luxury of lost time due to inexperience when it comes to such an important decision making process that Real Estate demands. Steve has been very direct without holding back when it comes to inquiring our main motivations in our Real Estate goals. Steve has proved his intention to build a relationship and not just to close the deal and build the commission base. We highly recommend Steve.”
Jr Steinberg

"Steve, Thanks for the education in Short Sales. My offer would not have been accepted without your ability to negotiate the process. Way too much documentation for anyone to navigate alone in my opinion."

“Dear Steve Pizzi, I want to thank you for all of your help and professionalism in helping me short-sell my home. I would highly recommend you to friends and family for any future real estate needs. You made the whole process very easy and practically stress-free. I could not have sold my home within three months had it not been for your help. Great job!”
Renee H

“Firenze has been managing our rental townhouse since January, 2014 and we are extremely satisfied. The company is owned by Sheri Pizzi. Several years back, we worked with Sheri when she worked for another property management company and loved working with her at that time. After she left, we continued to work with that company and were increasingly unhappy until things got really bad late in 2013. We were very happy to see that Sheri had recently started her own management company, made the switch and are extremely satisfied. She is prompt, responsive, extremely knowledgeable and just plain nice! I know that she will take care of everything and don't have to worry about our townhouse at all. A strong recommendation!”
Irvine Property Owner

“We have been working with Steve of Firenze Real Estate Group (By the way, love the company name, took a trip to Italy and visited one of Europe's most beautiful of cities, Florence (Firenze). We've been working with Steve on several investment property projects, including our own personal residence. We have a couple of investment properties that we turned over to Sheri, who handles the Property Management side of the business. Sheri has been the most effective Property Manager we have ever dealt with. We had a previous Property Management Company which was not at all on top of things and was such a headache that we finally switched to Sheri. Steve and Sheri make quite a team and we highly recommend their services. Steve not only handles our investment properties but we sold our Newport Beach residence and purchased another Newport Beach residence with Steve's expert guidance and direction. We were now both a Seller and a Buyer and I cannot tell you how relieved we were to find an Agent that has such high integrity and knows the Real Estate Business as well as Steve. The protection for both Sellers and Buyers is of the utmost importance and with all the disclosures and legal considerations that are so very important, having them fully explained, dealt with and processed with great care is what Steve does and he does not miss a thing. In fact, he is so mindful of the process that no matter which side of the deal you are on his organized and legal prowess can only and does in fact help both parties keep their Seller and Buyer rights...this always keeps the potential for any issues between a Seller and Buyer in check and both parties are more apt to continue the process even if the other sides Agency is not up to par. Steve Listed and Sold our beautiful home in Newport Beach and we purchased another without any issues, and the end result was a very smooth transaction due to the tireless efforts of Steve who really knows how to keep his clients best interest as a top priority. With the sale and purchase of your properties you cannot go wrong with the added Property Management Services from Sheri, you should look no further. My wife and I are extremely impressed and satisfied, and will continue to recommend and use Firenze Real Estate Group for all our Selling, Buying and Property Management. We give them very high recommendations!
Aaron & Anastasia D.

“Couldn’t wait to end our contract with a former property management company of our investment homes. As soon a Sheri left to start her own company we had a contract to fulfill with the former company and switched over to Sheri’s company the moment that contract was up. The "former" company was held together with the high degree of Sheri’s expert property management knowledge, extreme organizational and logistical skills and dedication to customer service for both owner and tenants alike and without Sheri the prior company lost the reputation she helped build. We are back now with Sheri and feel a huge weight of tension and stress has been lifted from us. This is a feeling that only owners of investment properties really fully understand and we are very pleased to get this message out to all who are in the property investment market.”

“In Spring of 2010 my husband and I Sold and Bought a home in Irvine with Steve representing us as our Agent. Both deals went pretty much flawless and our new home is just beautiful. We recently in 2012 had Steve represent us again to purchase two investment homes one in Huntington Beach and one in Dana Point and again Steve got us through closing on both properties with total satisfaction. We needed to get these homes leased. We thought, hey, nothing to this management thing, what's the big deal, collect the rent and you're done. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a heck of a lot of bothersome interactions and arrangements for routine issues (all the normal and then some) with the management process not to mention that Landlords and Tenants are bound by very stringent guidelines and legal conditions that cannot be overlooked. After two years this past April of 2014 we had enough and turned over the management responsibilities to Sheri and we are so very happy. Sheri makes our lives easier now, but we know how hard Sheri works (from our own hands on experience) so we are very grateful and we know we are in good hands with Sheri and Firenze Property Management. I can tell you from experience Sheri earns every penny she makes. Property Management is the toughest job out there! But, Sheri is very experienced and this is something that only a very few Agents out there know anything about, believe me I know this to be a fact I have had numerous conversations with Agents about (Property Sales and Property Management) and they are very distinctively separate and specialized endeavors.
Thank‐you Sheri!
The Cohen’s

“Sheri Pizzi has been managing our Investment Properties starting in 2004. As property owners and business owners ourselves, we have our own very strict ethics, guidelines and policies. Sheri has high ethics, standards and a very high degree of integrity and expertise in every detail of the way she runs her Property Management Company. Sheri's Client Care, (Customer Service) is unsurpassed and has never been compromised. We have never had anything but a great admiration and respect for Sheri and her managing abilities. We have a Property Manager (Sheri) to keep our lives running smoothly without the hassles of running the mundane although routine but somewhat heavily burdened issues that come up from time to time. We had the opportunity to meet our Tenants on a couple of occasions and the Tenants themselves had very high compliments directed toward Sheri as their (Surrogate Landlord). When Sheri left the company that she was working (really running that company) with to start her own business, we followed Sheri to her own company without a second thought. It’s been 10 years now working with Sheri and we could not be more grateful of having our properties in Sheri's care. Anyone looking to hire a Property Manager and Management Company we give the highest of recommendations to Sheri and Firenze Property Management.”
Steve, We appreciate all you have done for us. We hear a lot of "noise" about the current real estate market and after meeting with you and getting to know you we feel more at ease about our prospects. You help sort out the fact from fiction and we realize that you can't believe everything you hear or read about, you have to do some of your own investigation and you have made the important details accessible to us. You have provided excellent service and we continue to enjoy your professionalism and work ethic.”

"Short Sales are just plain painful to work with. Thanks Steve for your patience and your knowledge of the process. Looks like we're almost there. It will be worth all the hard work when we have completed this purchase."
Sharon Sharon

“We are still in our search process however all the information on your website has been very helpful as we continue to look at homes. All of our visits have been fairly easy to schedule with the sellers even though some have some restricted days and hours of the day. Steve has been able to accommodate us and work with our schedule which is very restricted also so we appreciate all the efforts.”
Yin Lee

"Thank you Steve for your service. We've been very satisfied with the prompt return calls and emails. We also enjoy our home visits and the ability to obtain info and have all of our questions answered. We look forward to a continued relationship in making our home purchase with you."
John and Sue

"Crystal and I are looking forward to completing our purchase here in San Clemente and we have been very impressed with your knowledge and willingness to really delve into the our specific needs. Thanks so much."
Scott and Crystal
San Clemente

"Steve, Thanks so much for your attention to detail. Mark and I appreciate your efforts and are thrilled with what we've found to date. We are anticipating a uneventful close to our home search. You are showing us a real desire to find us just the right match without any pressure. We love our Newport Beach prospects."
Em and Mark
Newport Beach

“Thank-you Steve for your patience. You have steadily been there for me. You have and continue to give me great advice. I know we are closing in on my "Dream Home". I believe that this last visit has given me the certainty of acting on and completing this transaction. I know I can count on your expertise to make the final preparations.”
Mary Mirho

“Steve Pizzi did an amazing job handling the sale of our property. He was able to keep things running smoothly throughout the whole process. As Executor of this property, he made my job easy and kept me informed every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.”
Janis Veilleux
"A Grateful Seller"

“Mutual respect and admiration. We look forward to working together again in the future. Word of mouth referrals are always the most reliable. Hope anyone interested in Real Estate Buying or Selling can enjoy the same professionalism from start to finish in their endeavors.”
John Spelling

“Thanks a lot about your email. So i not find yet the house i like. Can you always send list for me. Thanks Best Regards."
Long Luong

“This is our second Transaction with Steve. We listed our home, the marketing was great and we found a buyer and now Steve has helped us find my new home. Our search and end result was completed with the perfect home for me and as always I was very confident with Steve's ability to keep things running smooth and efficient. I have and will continue to recommend Steve for anyone looking to Sell or Buy a home.”
Mission Viejo

“Steve listed our home for sale. We have sold many homes over the years and Steve was by far the most well informed, hard working and extremely detail orientated REALTOR I have ever worked with. His marketing plan and efforts to get my home sold were as anyone could have hoped for. My home sold and now I am having Steve find me my new home. Of course I would and will recommend Steve to anyone who requires full attention with their best interest in mind when buying or selling their home.”

“We met Steve as a referral from a business associate who said if you want a great REALTOR call him he will take care of you. I am always a little skeptical about new business relationships and hope they turn out favorably however that skepticism faded and I soon realized that Steve was indeed looking out for our best interest. We found a home that suited us; Steve negotiated a great deal and kept us updated almost hourly as to the process and progress during our escrow. There were a few glitches with our Loan and Steve was able to suggest alternative measures that our Loan Officer hadn’t thought of so Steve took care of the Loan Officers job as well. Steve told me along the way that there were to be new methods of getting reviews and feedback from their clients. Apparently the “Polls” show that people don’t believe it when someone gets a good review, they would like to read a few (Bad Reviews) thrown in there to make us think REALTORS and other Professionals are “Human” and not everything they do is good. Not quite sure I would want a couple of mediocre reviews for me as a Professional in my line of work so I for one don’t believe the so-called “Polls”. I highly recommend Steve and if you don’t believe this review maybe you’ll get stuck with a REALTOR that doesn’t quite measure up because you chose one with “a not so good review” and good luck with that!”
Huntington Beach

“Steve was very attentive to our real estate needs and very personable. We visited many homes and he knew exactly what we were looking for. He listened which was very refreshing. He was not only very familiar and knowledgeable about the area we were looking in but had a great deal of detailed experience and information of all of Orange County. He is also an extremely well armed and well informed negotiator. I firmly believe Steve would be a definite asset to any one looking for a REALTOR to help them to buy or sell their home.”

“Steve was very informative and helpful from the very beginning until he handed over the keys. I would, and already have, recommended him to anyone looking to purchase a house in Orange County.”

“Steve Pizzi is really the ideal real estate agent! In fact, he's even more than that, because he will go above and beyond even the expectations for the ideal agent. He encompasses all of the traits a home buyer needs and depends on: Steve is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, neutral (doesn't pressure or influence), funny, ambitious, attentive, and...extremely patient. What more could you ask for! I could rely on Steve at any time on any day, and he was there for me...whether to take me to look at a house or to answer a general concern. He is still here for me, even after I have bought the house!!! about genuine care. He was and continues to be the best, and I give him the highest recommendation to anyone that is looking to buy a home. He is your man, I was lucky to have been assigned to him. I plan to turn to Steve for all my future real estate needs, that is...if he lets me;)”

“Steve was wonderful to work with. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the home buying process. We were always informed and kept up to date on the process and what to expect. Steve always looked out for our best interest.”

“Mr Pizzi was amazing throughout the sale of my house! He explained every aspect of the process of selling a house to me, a this was a first time for me. As things arose during the sale, Mr. Pizzi explained in detail what was happening and then gave me advice on how to proceed. If I had a question, he was there. My phone calls were returned in a timely manner and he kept in constant contact with me to advise me on how things were going. My sale had an interesting situation regarding lease land and Mr. Pizzi went way above and beyond and researched every aspect of the situation and informed all parties involved to made the process seamless. I have been told the selling a home in this current market is extremely difficult and I do not think I could have done it without Mr. Pizzi's tireless efforts!”
Bryan Merton

"We have known Sheri Pizzi for many years, ever since she started to manage two of our properties – one a townhouse in Irvine, and one a small house in San Juan Capistrano, while she was with Irvine Property Management. When Sheri decided to have her own property management company, we readily decided that we should follow and asked her to continue managing the two properties in her new firm, because of our positive experience with her. We like to travel a lot, but we never have to worry about anything while we are thousands of miles away, as we know that Sheri would take care of our properties if there were any problems. The real test came last year. We have another townhouse in Irvine, which we had mismanaged ourselves over the years. We kept getting letters from the Homeowners Association, informing us that our tenant was breaking HOA rules, from illegal parking to apparent manufacturing activities inside the townhouse. These were situations we did not want to deal with. We should have done it a lot sooner, and we finally got smart and asked Sheri for help. From then on, Sheri started interfacing with a very difficult tenant as well as the HOA, and then got the tenant to move out when the lease was up. She then transformed the townhouse, which was in very poor shape, into an amazing showcase with lots of “wow” factors, in a remarkably short time. She also managed to get a new tenant for us, with a significant increase in rent. We highly recommend Sheri as a property manager. She is professional, responsive, and extremely hard working. She has good support people to fix any problem in a very timely manner. She is really good at making over and updating a place, so that the property would look attractive and immaculate once again. She knows the rental market in Irvine and surrounding areas well, and has the ability to get good tenants and good rents for property owners. Most of all, she has made our lives stress free as a property owners!"
Christopher and Nora Shih

“We own several investment properties in Orange County and San Diego County. We also live in a high end multi‐million dollar double gated Newport Coast Community. I say this not to impress but to let you know it is very difficult for real estate agents to gain access to our neighborhood. Three of the local area agents farm our community and seem to think they own it by default because some of them live in the community itself. These agents farm our neighborhood on a regular basis and although they were amiable and seemed to know enough about real estate in general they did not give me enough of an impression that made me think they were going to be my agents just because they were convenient and touted that they were the “neighborhood experts” (not to take anything away from them, as mentioned they were all very nice). And also I think everyone seems to know a real estate agent through family or friends or business, however, that sometimes gets a little difficult having to choose from all these referrals, although always a very good way if not the best way to get good info on anyone in business of any kind. We met Steve at a Fund Raiser in Newport and we just happened to be sitting at the same table. Throughout the evening we talked about flying airplanes and sailing boats of which we are both avid enthusiasts. Long story short we ended up talking real estate and Steve told me things the other agents never came close to explaining or detailing and even I thought I was well read and educated in the field of real estate myself. Well, Steve had it all, the hard data facts coupled with the emotional involvement between Sellers and Buyers. So without his prompting and not through his own pursuing I invited Steve to come by and give us a Listing presentation, which he did and in addition gave his expertise on our Investment properties. Longer story even shorter. Steve does know the details about our community and a great deal of info on the history of OC as well. Steve has been involved in real estate in our area for years. We signed with Steve to List our property for sale, and we are very fortunate that we did. Steve knew how to market our specific home, target the right audience and nailed the appraised value and arranged the right Buyers and Agents access to show our property and we felt very secure. We bought another home in the Newport area with Steve’s expert negotiating skills and feel we chose the right Agent for us. We were not prior friends or acquaintances we just met Steve that one time that evening and feel (we/he) were very blessed to be in the right place at the right time. With regard to our other investment properties, well, after completing our contract with another property management company we ended our relationship with that management company and turned our investment properties over to Sheri, Steve’s wife who is a Realtor and operates the Property Management Division of their Brokerage. That starts a whole new story but all we can say is, Sheri is most knowledgeable and skillful when it comes to managing people and protecting our investment properties. Sheri keeps a high level of associates she works in conjunction with to keep our properties at a premium. Sheri has proven to be an outstanding asset to our real estate portfolio. We give Steve and Sheri the highest referral and rating (we’ve done the hard part for you) and it’s not often we can do that for every service provider we have encountered over the years.”
R. James and Sarah

“Firenze has been managing our rental townhouse since January, 2014 and we are extremely satisfied. The company is owned by Sheri Pizzi. Several years back, we worked with Sheri when she worked for another property management company and loved working with her at that time. After she left, we continued to work with that company and were increasingly unhappy until things got really bad late in 2013. We were very happy to see that Sheri had recently started her own management company, made the switch and are extremely satisfied. She is prompt, responsive, extremely knowledgeable and just plain nice! I know that she will take care of everything and don't have to worry about our townhouse at all. A strong recommendation!
Dennis B.
Berkeley, CA

"Sheri has been helping us for many years in managing our property. Since we moved to the East Coast 9 years ago, we felt comfortable leaving our property in California in her hands. Year after year, we feel more and more confident that, with Sheri's skill and professionalism, it is possible to be worry-free landlords, even when we live thousands of miles away from our property. There has been just an incidence recently that the water pipe outside the property broke and caused water damage in the property. Sheri not only took care of the tenants right away and informed us, she even negotiated with the HOA afterwards to protect our interest to make sure the liability is appropriately defined. We are more than happy and feel lucky to have found Sheri to be our property manager. I would recommend her to anyone and will ask her to manage our future properties".
Lan-Feng T.
Clarksville, MD

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